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OCF Administration Center

Organizer: Open Culture Foundation
Coordinator: 李柏鋒 (pofeng)
OCF helps Taiwan’s open source community deal with tedious administrative tasks, such as opening an independent account, collecting and withdrawing cash, balancing accounts, making reports, issuing receipts, providing consulting service, collecting data, presenting achievements, organizing events, maintaining websites. These seemingly insignificant chores are the foundation of the whole community.
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International Networking Program

Organizer: Open Culture Foundation
OCF has always tried to connect with those who are interested in open source, bring Taiwan experience to the world, and grow with the global community. In the past few years, through international conferences, workshops, data construction, and information sharing, our International Networking Program has teamed up with other organizations, launched many collaborative projects, and created a tight network with open & tech communities from all over the world.
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Travel Grants for Open Source Conference

Organizers of large-scale international open source conferences might not cover the costs of transportation and accommodation. These necessary expenses could become a financial burden on young students. Therefore, we provide travel grants for students who are willing to submit their papers to international conferences and share their findings and experience with both global and local open source community.
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G0V Grants

Organizer: g0v jothon
Coordinator: 瞿筱葳 (ipa)
The creative power of each great idea is like a flapping butterfly. With enough resources, these ideas can create positive butterfly effects and change the future.
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Civil Society Cyber Shield

Organizer: Civil Society Cyber Shield
Citizen groups tend to engage in sensitive issues and thus become the target of cyber attack. But at the same time, they usually lack the resources to defend themselves. In this case, their work can be threatened by network monitoring, cyber attack, network blockade, network interruption, and Internet censorship. Taiwan has always been famous for its active information security community and civil society. Therefore, Civil Society Cyber Shield hopes to combine these two specialties of Taiwan and serve as the connection between technology experts and citizens. By connecting these two groups of people, we can improve the information security of citizen groups.
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Organizer: Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters
COSCUP's aim is providing a platform to connect Open Source coders, users, and promoters, and promote FLOSS with the annual conference. The conference is free to attend because of the enthusiastic sponsors and donators. Since the conference venue is limited, tickets are often sold out immediately after the online registration starts.
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PyCon Taiwan

PyCon Taiwan is an annual conference held by a group of Python enthusiasts to promote the use of Python and the possibilities Python can create. We sincerely invite every Python expert to share experience, exchange thoughts, and make new friends in PyCon Taiwan.
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g0v Summit 2020

The Largest Civic Tech Event in Asia
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g0v Hackathons

Organizer: g0v jothon
Coordinator: 瞿筱葳 (ipa)
The g0v Hackathon has, since 2012, been a bimonthly event, where community members gather for good food and beverages while developing projects. g0v Hackathon is a cross-disciplinary platform for members to exchange ideas that celebrate openness, open source and open action. Hackathon attendees employ a tripartite method, applying their expertise, IT knowledge and crowd collaboration to explore the possibilities of a new solution to a challenge. g0v projects are all open source. Source codes and documents are released under open source licenses.
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CC Taiwan Chapter

Coordinator: 林誠夏 (lucien) , 洪華超 (rock)
Creative Commons is a global network connecting practitioners who adhere to the free culture ideal and use the various open content licenses.
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Sciwork is a conference for researchers and engineers to share and discuss computer code for scientific, numerical, and engineering work. It will be held in Hsinchu on 22nd February 2020. We believe in the power of openness, and we will use open source as a means to advance software development for computational sciences.
Annual Reports
2019 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

🛩Follow us to an open-source journey🛩 It's our sixth year!
Thanks to all of you, for supporting open-source, that made us continue to contribute to open-source and communities. We support 16+ open-source communities, 7+ international conferences, visit 34+ countries in 2019. Let's check out what happened in 2019!

2018 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

Thanks for all your support in 2018! In our 5 years of operation, we have supported nearly 30 projects initiated by open source communities. We participate in transboundary cooperation to promote open culture and digital rights, and combining community experiences locally and internationally to promote civic tech. We look forward to achieve new milestones of open culture with you in 2019!

2017 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

With your support, OCF continued to serve the FLOSS community projects in 2017, bridge local and international Civic Tech communities, foster cross-disciplinary cooperation to open up more fields, and advocate for the importance of privacy and digital security.

2016 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

Since its establishment in 2014, OCF has been dedicated to promoting a number of “open culture” causes, including “open source”, “open hardware”, and “open data.” We sincerely thank all of our donors for supporting our work.