2016 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

Since its establishment in 2014, OCF has been dedicated to promoting a number of “open culture” causes, including “open source”, “open hardware”, and “open data.” We sincerely thank all of our donors for supporting our work.

Community Support

In 2016, we supported 8 conferences, 8 different “open” communities, and 2 educational courses. We provided them with administrative, financial, and logistical assistance in order to encourage a diverse and prosperous environment for open source in Taiwan.


Led by Dr. Shih-wei Liao, scholars and students from NTU have developed “G-coin”, a secure, efficient, low-cost and open infrastructure for Fintech. Dr. Liao has also conducted training workshops about blockchain for financial service companies.

Gcoin Platform


A course led by jserv, which introduces students to open source system software development.

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In 2016, we collaborated with industries, governments, and academia to promote open source and open culture.

Makers X OCF

From 2015 to 2016, STEPS Software Inc. donated 10% of its sale on U.MAKER 3D printers to the Open Culture Foundation.

Civil Servants X OCF

Together with Taiwan’s National Development Council, we’ve held two training camps for technology officers in the government. In these camps, our experts introduced the ideas and methods behind open source and shared international trends on civic technology.


We worked with CCTW to promote open licenses and open knowledge to schools, museums, and civil society organizations.

International Exchange

We’re making global connections, while also encouraging grassroots development. Most importantly, we’ve built a bridge to bring international actors and Taiwan’s local communities together.

Hosting International Guests

In collaboration with the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, Bureau Français de Taipei, and the American Institute in Taiwan, we’ve hosted Mr. Bassem Asseh, Dr. Ronald Deibert, and Dr Fa-ti Fan, and invited them to give public talks to our community.

Youth Travel Grant

Our grants have supported Taiwanese youth to attend international open source conferences and activities.

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International Visits

To extend our global network, we’ve organized Taiwanese delegations made up of civic hackers, NGO workers and civil servants to attend the Code for America Summit in Oakland California, and the the Open Government Partnership Summit in Paris, France.

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Talks and Events

After returning from these global summits, we held a number of sharing sessions to bring in new ideas and share our experiences.

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We founded g0v.news to cover the stories of the civic tech community in Taiwan, and around the world.

Official Website

Advisory Consultations

Adhering to the spirit of open source, we are generous about sharing ideas on open culture.

Open-Source Recommendation Report

We collected suggestions from our friends in the community, and composed a proposal and promotion strategy for the new Taiwan NPO Information Platform made by Taiwan’s Ministry of Interior.

Open Licensing Consultations

We collaborated with Mr. Lucien C.H. Lin — a long-time researcher on tech law, who offers volunteer legal services for non-profits — and offered free consultancy services on "open" licensing. This is a prelude to the creation of an open source legal network.

Policy Suggestions

We're persuading government institutions and private enterprises to bring a spirit of freedom and openness into their services. We want to make sure Taiwan’s service infrastructure is not held ransom by proprietary-held hardware or software.

Decreasing cross-platform problems with MOICA

Chunghwa Telecom’s MOICA operations and specifications never panned out. This led to an in-house development for MOICA, that is free to use across platforms.

Source Code

Advocating for a spirit of openness during government procurement contracts

Around the globe, countries like Australia and Bulgaria have passed legislation or policy that demands government procurement contracts to prioritize “open and standardized” software and hardware. OCF continues to pay close attention to procurement on IT services, and hopes that before government procurement commences, that it first meets international definitions of open and standardized.

Our Team

Our team is growing rapidly, and we continue to serve various open source communities, and pay attention to various open source issues.

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We have many new members joining our team.

We’re happy to welcome the following members to the OCF family: @rock, @ttcat, @mglee, @afi, @jason, @aaron, @huangfu and @miniwu.


OCF sincerely thanks everyone for their support in helping to promote open culture.

Thanks to our super supportive volunteers.

Thanks to ETBlue, Muka, ipa, marr, poga, yayard, 雁子, Macpaul, yuting, and our other awesome volunteers, for helping us conquer our quests around the world!

Thanks to our sponsors

Special thanks to HCT Logistics, and the RC Culture and Arts Foundation for their annual sponsorship projects, and a special thanks to our enterprise partners for their support for our projects and events. Thank you also to our individual donors for giving us momentum to popularize open culture.

Credit Reporting

Financial Report

Thanks to individuals and organizations from different fields for their material and personnel support to OCF and cooperating communities. At the beginning of 2016, OCF started a fixed-sum regular donation plan. With our donors’ continued steady support, OCF staff can work fully on supporting communities, expand our collaboration with enterprise and organizations, and promote “open” policies.

OCF 2016 Annual Income
Administrative Center NT$ 2,352,441
International Exchange Project NT$ 519,616
Community Projects NT$ 14,004,225

OCF 2016 Annual Spending
Administrative Center NT$ 1,735,636
International Exchange Project NT$ 1,145,654
Community Projects NT$ 11,041,651

Providing independent financial logistics support for communities

In addition to helping large community events like COSCUP and PyCON to collect operation funds, OCF also helps many communities with their general operations and promotion, such as collaborative projects like the “Civic Tech Grant, with the g0v-jothon group. Also, a number of new collaborators have joined the International Exchange Project, and is on its way towards super expansion! So please keep your eyes on us, and support us.