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OCF Administration Center

OCF helps Taiwan’s open source community deal with tedious administrative tasks, such as opening an independent account, collecting and withdrawing cash, balancing accounts, making reports, issuing receipts, providing consulting service, collecting data, presenting achievements, organizing events, maintaining websites. These seemingly insignificant chores are the foundation of the whole community.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
Coordinator Pofeng Lee pofeng
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International Networking Program

OCF always trying to connect with those who are interested in open source, bring Taiwan experience to the world, and grow with the global community. In the past few years, through international conferences, workshops, data construction, and information sharing, our International Networking Program has teamed up with other organizations, launched many collaborative projects, and created a tight network with open & tech communities from all over the world.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
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PTT ID Profiling

PTT is currently one of the most influential social media platform in Taiwan. PTT is now facing the same problem: growing amount of disinformation, media manipulation, fake IDs and cyber army operators, just like other social medias. We are creating a suite of open source tools, open data, and open licensed analysing reports, aim to find out the abnormal behavior from virtual IDs, and you can analysis these original data if you don't believe what you saw.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
Annual Reports
2018 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

Thanks for all your support in 2018! In our 5 years of operation, we have supported nearly 30 projects initiated by open source communities. We participate in transboundary cooperation to promote open culture and digital rights, and combining community experiences locally and internationally to promote civic tech. We look forward to achieve new milestones of open culture with you in 2019!

2017 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

With your support, OCF continued to serve the FLOSS community projects in 2017, bridge local and international Civic Tech communities, foster cross-disciplinary cooperation to open up more fields, and advocate for the importance of privacy and digital security.

2016 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

Since its establishment in 2014, OCF has been dedicated to promoting a number of “open culture” causes, including “open source”, “open hardware”, and “open data.” We sincerely thank all of our donors for supporting our work.

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