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OCF Administration Center

OCF helps Taiwan’s open source community deal with tedious administrative tasks, such as opening an independent account, collecting and withdrawing cash, balancing accounts, making reports, issuing receipts, providing consulting service, collecting data, presenting achievements, organizing events, maintaining websites. These seemingly insignificant chores are the foundation of the whole community.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
Coordinator Pofeng Lee pofeng
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Civic Sense

From Taiwan to the whole world, let’s help communities get the data they need to monitor their changing environment. When communities have access to sensors, it’s “civic sense”.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
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Cosignatory - amend the law and make eID reform more transparent

Openness, transparency and legal redesigns are crucial in our new era of techno-enabled governance. Have us help our country safeguard information security and procedural justice, and start our stride into the era of the digital economy on the right foot.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
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Global Partnership & Collaboration

Open source community is collaborating without boundaries, sharing Taiwan experience to the world, also bring other countries' impact back to Taiwan. These years, we build a collaborative relationship between international and Taiwan communities actively through visit, interview, participation, and experience sharing.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
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Support Program for International Conference Participation

Taiwan-based open source and open culture contributors have continued to impress global communities with outstanding projects, such as the "Instant Mask Map," in the past few years. In the hope of empowering local communities and enhancing international engagements, the program support local contributor to participate in open culture-related international conferences.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
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Law and policy issues

Lots of public policies have open-source technical issues hidden inside. We focus on those issues, check related law and policy, try to find out if there's any problem, or make initializing laws and policies, or advocating corrections.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
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Legends (CLOSED Proejcts)

This is a home for projects that are no longer being worked on or updated. We want to honor all the hard work and dedication that went into these projects and shine a light on the positive impact they had while they were active. Even though the projects have come to an end, they still have much to teach us.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
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OSCVPass is a quick solution for open-source contributors to attend Taiwan's open-source events:COSCUP, SITCON, MOPCON, g0v summitby a one-time application form.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
Co-organizer Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters / Students’ Information Technology Conference / Mobile / Open / Platform CONference / G0V Summit / PyCON Taiwan
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Ranking Digital Rights (RDR) Taiwan

In the digital era, the promotion of human rights and data-based services and products are intimately connected. OCF and our international partners are using knowledge as power, and using international standards to evaluate the standards related to free-speech management and personal information protection used by Taiwanese corporations.
Organizer Open Culture Foundation
Annual Reports
2021 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

We kept going during the hardest times. This year OCF collaborates with 30+ communities and 7 online events...

2020 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

In 2020, OCF has supported 34 projects initiated by communities.

2019 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

🛩Follow us to an open-source journey🛩 It's our sixth year!
Thanks to all of you, for supporting open-source, that made us continue to contribute to open-source and communities. We support 16+ open-source communities, 7+ international conferences, visit 34+ countries in 2019. Let's check out what happened in 2019!

2018 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

Thanks for all your support in 2018! In our 5 years of operation, we have supported nearly 30 projects initiated by open source communities. We participate in transboundary cooperation to promote open culture and digital rights, and combining community experiences locally and internationally to promote civic tech. We look forward to achieve new milestones of open culture with you in 2019!

2017 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

With your support, OCF continued to serve the FLOSS community projects in 2017, bridge local and international Civic Tech communities, foster cross-disciplinary cooperation to open up more fields, and advocate for the importance of privacy and digital security.

2016 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

Since its establishment in 2014, OCF has been dedicated to promoting a number of “open culture” causes, including “open source”, “open hardware”, and “open data.” We sincerely thank all of our donors for supporting our work.

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