CC Taiwan Chapter

Creative Commons is a global network connecting practitioners who adhere to the free culture ideal and use the various open content licenses. The Creative Commons organization itself is a registered non-profit in the United States. By collaborating with activists worldwide, however, it has developed the Creative Commons License suite to the 4th edition. The licenses have been ported to many jurisdictions and translated into multiple languages. They are widely used. The Creative Commons Licenses were introduced to and localized for Taiwan by a small project-based team in Academia Sinica beginning in 2003. Since then the "Creative Common Taiwan Project" at Academia Sinica has worked with many agencies, organizations, and communities in Taiwan to popularize the CC Licenses.


About OCF

There have been many contributors who dedicate themselves to promoting open culture in Taiwan. The lack of the identity of legal entity makes it difficult for us to spread our ideas. Therefore, in June 2014, OCF was born with the help of open culture enthusiasts in Taiwan’s open source community.

Since the establishment of OCF, we have encouraged ourselves to become the agent of open culture, that is, open source, open data, and open government. Our first and foremost project was to create an administrative center that is responsible for the operation of Taiwan’s open source community.

Project Content

Our administrative center has always tried to expand our business scope. Our services include financial planning, personnel management, partner search, resources integration, accounting and support for events, and all kinds of consultation related to open source. Although our staff in administrative center often work behind the scene, they are the operating core of OCF.

The operation of OCF depends on the funding from the government, corporations, and other projects. Your small contribution may guarantee the smooth running of OCF and the ongoing promotion of open culture. Therefore, we sincerely hope you can support us by making a regular donation and help us promote open culture.