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Founded in 2016, Cofacts is the first fact-checking chatbot and open-sourced, collaborative civic tech project combating misinformation in closed messaging apps. Comprised of volunteers and software developers, we have conducted media literacy lessons and fact-checking training workshop regularly. Cofacts has encouraged civic collaborating and valued freedom of speech, establishing an innovative and effective method countering misinformation, propaganda and fraud via collaborative fact-checking and open source technique toolkit. Cofacts achievement and experience could be replicated to another country for international collaborating.

software developing and design X collaborative fact-checking X media literacy letures

Cofacts has supported open source and open data for years, devoting to combating misinformation/fake news/propaganda via fact-checking and software technique development. For instance, there is already a Cofact in Thailand which forked Cofacts source code and the chatbot system to help combating Thai misinformation successfully. Other anti-fraud chatbots would transmit their users’ request to Cofacts, and reply their user Cofacts’s fact-checking results via open API.

Cofacts would put the donation into infrastructures such as the server rent for the database and api and collaborators for software development and fact-checking contents. This accomplishment would stay open source for researchers, investigative journalists, civics who are interested in fake news and misinformation.Cofacts would help other international non-government organizations, sharing the idea for innovation and collaboration.

➡️ Development and database maintenance:Engineers would conduct new features and improve the programming structures.

➡️ Physical media literacy meet-up and fact checkers traning workshop:Cofacts would held audience engagement meet up every 2 months.

➡️ Compliant fact-check replies remuneration:For those productive voluntaty fact-checkers, Cofacts would reward those nice content producer for their effective fact checking efforts.

➡️ Location rent:Cofacts developers meeting office rent and media literacy lectures place rent.

➡️System and servers rent:For machine learning and open API and fact-checking server, and misinformation database.