G0V Grants

g0v Civic Tech Grants, for the positive butterfly effect!

The creative power of each great idea is like a flapping butterfly. With enough resources, these ideas can create positive butterfly effects and change the future.


What is Civic Tech

Civic Tech is used to create technology tools that enhance citizen communications and participation in public affairs. With open data, Civic tech can also improve transparency of the government, supervise Congress, and make sure every government official take their responsibilities. For example, the visualization databases of bills that allow media use, the database of company profiles and political contribution, the information of government subsidies. People can easily subscribe to the government policies and bills system, join the platforms for public decision, and even help the community create projects that can attract more civic tech developers. The scope of civic tech is very broad, from internet platforms, online services to applications and web browser plug-ins. The main purpose of Civic Tech is to increase public interest.

g0v Civic Tech Grants

g0v jothon, the long-time organizer of Hackathon, hopes to promote the achievements of g0v Civic Tech Grants with enterprise or organizations which focus on the relationship between technology and society. Except for Hackathon, g0v jothon wants to create more positive impact and more possibilities for the society.

The operation of OCF depends on the funding from the government, corporations, and other projects. Your small contribution may guarantee the smooth running of OCF and the ongoing promotion of open culture. Therefore, we sincerely hope you can support us by making a regular donation and help us promote open culture.

The Scheme

Applicants’ proposals should focus on one of the following subjects: Application of new media, open data, public services, open government, social participation, and community establishment. A grant oversight committee will analyze the qualification of each applicant based on the impact, reusability, feasibility, and completion. Each winner will receive a grant between NT$300,000 to 500,000 for a six-month development process. Besides, our cooperative partners may also give winners of the designated subjects extra funding or even help them search for the resources they need.

About g0v jothon

g0v Civic Tech Grants are provided by g0v jothon, a workgroup that organizes the bimonthly Hackathon. From the end of 2012, g0v jothon started to hold bimonthly Hackathon with a hundred participants. In 2016, g0v jothon became more proactive about helping budding communities build their infrastructure about the development and began the g0v Civic Tech Grants project.


在開源社群改造社會-2018 年 g0v 公民科技創新獎助金提案說明工作坊


為鼓勵更多優秀人才投入公民科技領域、加速孵化更多成果,我們向國內外各大具社會影響力之媒體、科技產業募集「公民科技創新獎助金」,並從 g0v 零時政府揪松團設計一套參與、評選機制,來獎助具潛力且有助公共利益的專案,投入原型開發或維護營運。

2017春季 g0v 公民科技創新獎助金 Kick-off Workshop

吳銘軒 (ttcat) 共同參與