About Media Project is a news platform that focuses on civic tech and open government, publishing in both English and Chinese. The aim of the platform is to enhance the public’s understanding of civic tech, and incite wider discussion about its use.

Project Describtion was established in 2016 as a reaction to the growing global interest in civic tech. In Taiwan, the group “g0v” has grown to become one of the globe’s largest and most active civic tech communities.

TThrough the platform, members of the g0v community can have their stories told to a global audience, as well as receive news about the latest trends and developments in civic tech, open data and open government. The platform is also the world’s first Mandarin-English bilingual news platform to focus on civic tech.

In less than a year’s time, we’ve reached nearly 4000 followers on Facebook, more than 550 followers on Twitter and nearly followers 1500 on Medium. All articles on our platform are licensed under CC 3.0.

Currently, the kind of content we produce includes:

1. Civic tech weekly digest: published every Monday, the digest selects 5 news items each week, and features both an Chinese and English version. Their content is written separately according to their readerships.
2. g0v column on Commonwealth magazine: Selecting one topic from the digest once every two weeks, our team works with the community and writes an article with deeper analysis.
3. Reports about the global civic communities: We interview civic tech communities in different countries about their projects, challenges, and experiences.
4. Open government reports: Report, commentary and interview on how other countries work on the concept and implementation of open government.
5. Feature reports: We work with other media partners on an ad hoc basis, producing feature reports on certain topics. Media partners include the Initium (端傳媒), The Reporter (報導者) and Commonwealth magazine (天下雜誌).