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International Networking Program

Connect global civic tech communities with technology.

OCF always trying to connect with those who are interested in open source, bring Taiwan experience to the world, and grow with the global community. In the past few years, through international conferences, workshops, data construction, and information sharing, our International Networking Program has teamed up with other organizations, launched many collaborative projects, and created a tight network with open & tech communities from all over the world.


Our project goal

Taiwan’s open source and open culture community are very active. There are almost more than ten large-scale international conferences held in Taiwan a year. We would love to see more and more Taiwan-based open source contributors stand on the international stage. In the meantime, we also hope we can bridge the gap between the global and local community.

In 2019, we hope we can foster more cooperations between local communities and international organizations. In this case, many cross-domain projects, such as cooperation between information security experts and human rights activists, can be developed and become the support for the civic tech community. .

Our mission

We attend international conferences that focus on global civic tech, open data, open government, digital rights, and internet freedom.
We organize international conferences, workshops, and training courses in Taiwan.
We collaborate with global organizations and local experts to create international projects.
We provide Travel Grants:for those who attend any international Open Source Conference.
We set up OCF Lab a information center to promote the idea of open culture and tech.
We completed Taiwan Open Government Report 2014-2016 in 2017. 。

Income Statement