What are we trying to do?

Organizers of large-scale international open source conferences might not cover the costs of transportation and accommodation. These necessary expenses could become a financial burden on young students. Therefore, we provide travel grants for students who are willing to submit their papers to international conferences and share their findings and experience with both global and local open source community.


Applicants must be aged under 26 and still enrolled in any educational Institutions in Taiwan.
Applicants must attend conferences that focus on open source, open data, or open government and had over 200 participants last year.
Applicants must make sure their attendances are confirmed or their papers are accepted.


Applicants must:

- Participate in every meeting of the conference unless they have marked the meetings they want to attend on their application.

- Provide photos of the conference, including the ones where they are presenting.

- Provide their photos with other presenters and key visual design posters.

- Provide any permanent links, such as articles on blogs.

- Arrange an experience sharing meeting with OCF as the co-organizer.

- Submit a conference review and two reports that are more than 600 words and open to the public.