2017 Annual Report | Open Culture Foundation

With your support, OCF continued to serve the FLOSS community projects in 2017, bridge local and international Civic Tech communities, foster cross-disciplinary cooperation to open up more fields, and advocate for the importance of privacy and digital security.

Community Support

In 2017, OCF supported 7 conferences, 9 community operation programs and 3 school talent cultivation programs. We support the communities on administrative operation by acting as their fiscal sponsor, so that they can better focus on developing and advocating their own project.

Large Scale Conferences - Interaction and exchanges

We help our partners hold large scale conferences by handling administrative work for the event preparations. These conferences are where the community members can exchange ideas and promote their projects.

Community Operations - Keeping the momentum

Originally from managing sponsorship funds for the communities, we broaden our work to support the daily operation of these communities

Youth training - Nurturing future talents

We cooperate with senior developers in the community to construct practical, advanced learning environments, to nurture more developer talents into the communities.

CONCOM x OCF 2017 - Gathering communities to share management experiences

CONCOM is a conference for conference organizers and community leaders, where they share their rich experience in organizing all kinds of events and running their communities. With different FLOSS communities sharing experiences, we can grow together.

Organizational Collaboration

We collaborate with industry, government, academic players in various disciplines, to carry forward the open culture by connecting them with domestic and international open culture communities.

Institute for Information Industry (III) - Connecting open source communities

The III wishes to help the development of open source software communities. OCF connects them with Taiwanese Debian, Ubuntu, and SITCON community to exhibit in the ITmonth faire, which III co-organized. With this exhibition, we hope to broaden and deepen the public’s understanding of open source and community collaboration.

CCTW X OCF — CC Taiwan Community

The Creative Commons Taiwan project’s mission of this stage will be completed soon. OCF will be continuing their mission, we will create a website for the Taiwanese CC community, maintain contact with CC Headquarters, and maintain advocacy work in Taiwan. More broadly, we will continue to dedicate ourselves in raising awareness on publicly-licensed knowledge.

Code for All - Global Civic Tech Network

After the Code for All Annual Meeting in September 2017, Taipei, OCF joined the executive committee of Code for All, as the legal representitive of g0v, to collaborate with Code for All members on global operations of the network.

Exchange Program

Privacy and Digital Security Advocacy

We connect Taiwanese IT/InfoSec community with Civil Society Organizations, to conduct courses on Digital Security. We believe that open technologies should care about the people.

International Networking

We connect Taiwanese communities with their international counterparts, so that they can benefit from others' efforts, and contribute back.


In September 9-16, we organized CivicTechFest, a week long of events on Civic Tech, where we invited domestic and international communities. This the first large-scale summit on Civic Tech in Asia.

Official Website

International Visits

OCF invites related NGOs to join international conferences, to build up Taiwan's international network

Taiwan Open Government Report 2014-2016

OCF Researcher Mei-chun Lee and Po-yu Tseng have conducted a year long of data collection, interviews, analytical research, to complete the Chinese and English version of “Taiwan Open Governement Report 2014-2016”. The report was officially published in September 2017.

Read the report online


Reporting on the latest Civic Tech trends and community developments in Taiwan and the world, in Chinese and English.


Team Members

Our team is continuously expanding to serve wider missions on open culture.

New team members in 2017

We're happy to have @huangfu, @miniwu, @pellaeon, @lulu, @aiya, @Kuan-Ting, @TC joining our team in 2017

Recognition to our enthusiastic volunteers

We would like to say a big thank you to our helping hands: ETBlue, Muka, ipa, marr, poga, yayard, 雁子, yuting, stella, ael, CYJ, PCC, Candy, and so on, to go on missions with OCF all around Taiwan and the world.

Financial Report

We would like to thank individuals and organizations from many different fields donating manpower and equipments to OCF and our partnering communities. We would also like to thank donors through the Periodic Fixed-amount Donations Programme. OCF started trial on this program in 2016, since then, there have been many friends supporting us. With this steady helping force, our staffs may devote fully on serving the communities, developing cooperation with enterprises, and advocating policies.

2017 Annual Income (TWD)
Administration Center 3,930,042
International Networking 7,243,301
Other Community Projects 17,981,913

2017 Annual Spending (TWD)
Administration Center 2,850,876
International Networking 6,974,105
Other Community Projects 16,766,387

Providing independent financial and logistics support for communities

At OCF, all our programmes are independently operated and financed. We hope to maintain a steady, sustainable force in promoting the open culture.



We appreciate RC Culture and Arts Foundation and Archlife Research Foundation's support through a yearly sponsorship program, our corporate sponsors’ support in all our projects and events, and our individual donors.