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Law and policy issues

Lots of public policies have open-source technical issues hidden inside. We focus on those issues, check related law and policy, try to find out if there's any problem, or make initializing laws and policies, or advocating corrections.

Goals and Purposes

When facing the variety issues concerning technology and society, we know we can’t do it all. However, for those important issues which has less power, to act for advocacy will be critical.

Expanding from Open Culture Foundation’s (OCF) 3 purposes: Open Source / Open Data / Open Government, we also put efforts in promoting internet freedom, digital rights, privacy, open authorization etc.

By conducting campaigns, research articles, information sharing, policy analysis, legislation suggestion, groups collaboration, OCF is bringing up these issues and trying to make changes.

What we are aiming at:

eID: Advocacy & Lobby


Open Data initiative: research & legislation suggestion

Research Articles- open data in Taiwan by OCF Lab

Open Government Partnership (OGP) national action plan

Although not member of OGP, Taiwan government announced the statement to the world that Taiwan will follow OGP’s standard to propose and conduct national action plan and open parliament chapter. OCF is following up all process and meetings related OGP, also, we are providing suggestions and international information to OGP working group in Taiwan. 2014-2016 Taiwan Open Government Report

Internet Freedom: monthly meet-up

OCF with other communities’ members join IFF Coffee & Circumvention since September, 2019. On 3rd Thursday in each month, people who are interesting in Internet Freedom topics will come together to share and discuss the latest information. IFF wiki- coffee & circumvention


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Internet Freedom meets-up (Every 3rd Thursday)

Coordinator : Claire Cheng 停雨 , Lulu lulu

This is the Taipei Coffee and Circumvention, a monthly, community-run meetup that happens simultaneously in various cities throughout the world - on the third Thursday of every month. It brings together technologists, artists, journalists, citizens and others interested in digital rights, online privacy and security, and open technology.