Internet Freedom Meetup ( Coffee & Circumvention @Taipei )

Coffee and Circumvention

This is a monthly meetup which focuses on talking about internet freedom!

The idea of the meetup came from the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF), one of the largest digital rights communities in the world. It gathers hackers from all over the world to defend activists oin the frontline. OCF was invited by IFF to initiate “Coffee & Circumvention” (C&C) in Taiwan. The C&C meetup was planned to be hosted in many cities across in the world by local groups to discuss the issues regarding internet freedom and digital rights on every 3rd Thursday in the month. The meetup now is localized in Taiwan and called ”Internet Freedom Meetup", or "網路自由小聚“

The first Internet Freedom Meetup was held in September. 2019 by OCF and partners from Mozilla TW, COSCUP (conference for open source), and CSCS (Cyber Shield Civil Society).

In the beginning, we weren't sure if this Meetup would be popular because not many people talked about internet freedom in Taiwan at that time, even within technology communities. However, surprisingly, people regularly attended the meetup and we always have new comers. Now, the meetup has a growing organizers’ group, several attendees volunteered to be the organizers and bring their ideas and knowledge into the meetup.

Because our internet is more open, less monitored, and has less control and threats than in many other part of the world, a lot of us in Taiwan might not feel very engaged with the concept of internet freedom, and thus many aren’t aware of the urgency of standing up for and defending internet freedom internationally. In the digital age, everything written online travels beyond borders, and everyone needs to be aware of their digital rights. So let’s get together and chat and get to understand important aspects of global internet freedom

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The topics of the Internet Freedom Meetup @Taipei this year

2024.05 - The 11th Annual Technology Legislator/Cabinet Member Selection Competition

2024.04 - Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

2024.03 - DID Wallet

2024.02 - iWIN overloading - Appropriateness of Internet Child Safety Protections

2024.01 - From legal perspective: How digital platforms reject improper data access requests from the government

Previous topics (2019-2023)

2023.12 - Government, e-commerce platform, we, who's responsibility to keep our data safe?

2023.11 - Household Registration Data Leaked

2023.10 - Digital Resilience

2023.09 - Eavesdropped Input Method

2023.08 - Internet surveillance in HK and how to use OONI

2023.07 - International digital rights conference - experience sharing

2023.06 - AI law or not?

2023.05 - Zero Trust Network

2023.04 - FOSDEM 2023

2023.03 - X-Road vs T-Road

2023.02 - Cognitive Warfare on the ChatGPT

2022.12 - Network in the WAR

2022.11 - Data Trusts

2022.10 - Research from 1922 SMS Contact Tracing System

2022.09 - Digital Intermediary Service - point of view from other countries' laws

2022.08 - Digital Authoritarianism - Chance and challenge of Taiwan

2022.07 - Keyboard traveling: RightsCon 2022 sharing

2022.06 _ Cyber army and opinion manipulation

2022.05 _ Talk about the Ministry of Digital Affairs

2022.04 _ New Challenges of Hong Kong Technology Freedom in 2021

2022.03 _ The Social Dilemma - The social media algorithm that gets more anger?!

2022.02 _ How to defend gender equality when the boundary of image abuse is blurry on the internet?

2022.01 _ Stop the train with facial recognition - where is it used? how to use it correctly?

2021.12 _ When Data Privacy and Security on the Cloud meets Child Protection Laws

2021.11 _ A Longitudinal Measurement Platform Built to Monitor China’s DNS Censorship at Scale

2021.10 _ The “Science and Technology Investigation Act” in a flat word

2021.09 _ How friendly is your software? Promoting safe data reading systems: The transparency report from TAHR

2021.08 _ National-level Malware and Digital Weapons: Pegasus

2021.07 _ Getting to know digital gendered violence

2021.06 _ Can we fight the pandemic and protect digital freedoms?

2021.05 _ Google now uses FloC instead of Cookies: what does this mean for users?

2021.04 _ How to judge whether a platform's application is safe? Lessons from TikTok and Clubhouse

2021.03 _ Codes of Conduct

2021.02 _ Platform responsibility and speach regulation

2021.01 _ How does digital marketing use our personal data?

2020.12 _ Bye Bye 2020 - recap issues of 2020

2020.12 _ “Internet Freedom” session in g0v summit

2020.11 _ g0v-summit rehearsal

2020.10 _ Internet content control and open source solution

2020.09 _ How can the government be digitized?

2020.08 _ How to be heard during internet shutdowns Keep the voice be heard during internet shutdown

2020.07 _ Internet content control and open source solution

2020.06 _ How to defend internet

2020.05 _ The risk of digital IDs

2020.04 _ The security loophole of ZOOM.

2020.03 _ Annual goal of Mozilla Foundation

2020.02 _ Internet freedom and open source

2019.12 _ What does international internet freedom project looks like?

2019.11 _ How DNS affect your online privacy?

2019.10 _ OONI workshop

2019.09 _ What is internet health?